China’s 46 New Cross-Border E-Commerce Zones: A Quick Primer

Because of its special geographical location and coverage, its operate is just like bonded warehouses, however it is extra ample than bonded warehouses. These are: Direct Purchase Import, Bonded Import, General Export and Special Supervision Zone Export. Using the cross-border e-commerce internet hosting service database of BizArk, the present study has constructed an index for China’s export e-commerce prosperity and magnitude of threat which reveals that the industry: (i) usually presents a tendency of stable progress; (ii) has had a relatively stable situation for logistics facilitation however a drastic fluctuation in customs facilitation; (iii) has regularly shifted to competing for cheaper and extra efficient advertising and marketing techniques in addition to channels; and (iv) has experienced a remarkable amelioration of threat magnitude.

Particularly, it clarifies issues regarding Customs regulation of cross-border e-commerce retail imports, reminiscent of: Enterprise administration, Customs clearance, tax collection, customs supervision venues administration, quarantine, Inspection and Logistics administration, goods returning management and Diamond Painting different miscellaneous issues. China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-Commerce Complete Pilot Space Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Area is committed to piloting the operation of technical standards, business procedures, supervision fashions and knowledge utility for cross-border e-commerce transactions, fee, logistics, customs clearance, tax rebate and forex settlement, crack the underlying and systematic nuts throughout developing cross-border e-commerce by means of system, administration and repair innovation in addition to collaborative improvement.

In order to additional strengthen the supervision of inbound and outbound mail and Diamond Painting Kits improve the efficiency of mail clearance, GAC has decided to promote using the inbound and outbound mail information management system in the national Customs from 30 November 2018. GAC and China Post Group Company will realize the nationwide network transmission of inbound and outbound mail.

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