iPhone Case or Not?

 Do you prefer to use the iPhone directly or use it with a protective cover? Some people may choose use it directly. But some people may choose a case to protect it. However, there are also some people hesitate to use a protective cover with the comparison of the cool iPhone to the ugly case. My little boy was the one to hesitate.

I bought an iPhone 3G last Tuesday for my little boy as his 13th birthday gift since he wanted it for quite a long time. I still could remember that he was so crazy about this gift that evening. He kissed me and shouted “Dad, I love you so much!” He was so happy that he sent e-mails to all his best friends to tell them the good news. After the dinner, we all sat together to help him to try his new companion. We surfed on the Internet through the WIFI. We took a lot of sweet pictures. We even played our boy’s favorite game together. We all were so happy that day. After a while, my wife suggested that we should buy a silicone case for the new cell phone. But my boy refused to do that at once. An argument broke out in our living room.

Should a case necessary to the new phone? I tried to ask this question to both my wife and my boy as a judge. My boy said no immediately. He said that it is too ugly to wear a case cover to the iPhone. iPhone is so cool that he was reluctant to hide it. And he thought that it is good enough to protect itself even without the cover.

My wife argued that it would prolong the life of the cell phone with the help of the silicone case. It helps the cell phone to anti-slip when using. It keeps the phone away from dust. It is featured with antifriction function to please you. To some extent, it can be a water proof one with the help of the cover.

My daughter stood by her mother’s side. She said that: “You may own a new cell phone with changing the different patterns case. Just image that you own different color cases, and you change it to match your dressing. It’s so cool.”

My boy looked at me and asked me for help. I found that it is hard to decide who is right since one is my wife and one is my boy. I thought for a while and said: “Okay, you do not like the case because it is too ugly. Would you like to accept it if you find some cool one?” My boy nodded at last. So we made an agreement that if we find the cool case he would wear it with his iPhone. If not, we can not force him to use the ugly silicone case. I found a smile on my wife’s face. I was sure I was a perfect judge at that time. Then we searched on the Internet to find some cool iPhone case for my boy.

After searching we found that there are thousand kinds of cases. Both hard cases and 바카라사이트 soft cases were on the Internet for 예스카지노 us to choose. It was unbelievable that we also found the most popular patterns on the Internet. There were different kinds of cartoon patterns on the iPhone case. You may want whatever pattern with any color you want on the Internet. To our surprise, the price of the case was so pleased. Finally we ordered one Avatar pattern hard plastic back cover and one rhinestone cartoon pattern case for my daughter on website We had received the package yesterday. My boy loves this back cover very much. He showed it to his friends with pride. Look, he is asking his mother to buy another one for him now.

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