Is The You In You Okay?

As Hollywood watches in horror, he turns his attention back again to the ring simply in time to see a ladder fly right at his face. Kostoff climbs the band and meets the males on rung 3. He begins trading elbows and forearms with the others and The Bandits fall off the ladder. Hanson staggers momentarily but it’s just long enough for Hollywood to hit a superkick and Savage to hit a Superman punch. Holding his shoulder, Crash Rodriguez just hit a Coup De Grace to the ladder, traveling it down and smacking Zion correct in the facial skin.

Kostoff doubles over as the Bandits improve the ladder over their heads, generating it down onto the back of Kostoff’s mind. Doozer hears the group, turns as O’Dell lifts Doozer right into a flapjack while Stevens jumps and hits a traveling DDT in to the mat. Dean backs up Kostoff falls to the mat and the ladder lands directly on top of him. Kostoff is certainly then slammed to the mat where in fact the Bandits begin stomping away. Hollywood and Savage slide in and commence going after Hanson.

The Egg Bandits crack two chairs over the faces of Crash Rodriguez and Noah Hanson. Once they clear the band, the group roars their approval but quickly calm down as the Egg bandits enter ring one. Jiles slaps Dean flush across the face and Cigarrillos Electronicos SMOK Vaporesso Innokin y Aspire begins chopping away at Dean. Crash Rodriguez dives in as Bobby Dean struggles. Joe Hoffman: Bobby Dean bringing a back up ladder to help ensure balance as he climbs! Crash Rodriguez and 淘宝 Dean begin defeating down on Savage’s back again until he falls off the ladder.

The camera cuts to Hortega who adamantly factors at the cage. Bobby Dean attempts to enter the ring and Hortega is motioning for him to hurry. Zion slides into the ring and begins double teaming Bobby Dean with Noah Hanson. Bobby really does the same to O’Dell and both guys roll out of the ring. He lifts and taobao pulls it in between the middle and top rope. Kostoff looks incensed as he lifts the seat high above his mind and Gothic Lolita Dresses drives it directly into the gut of O’Dell.

Witness after that grabs Stevens, lifts him in to the air flow and drops him gut 1st against the edge of the bench. Zion kicks Witness in the gut and suplexes him beyond the band. They slide in to the ring waiting for taobao chapest the cage. Jiles grabs his knee in pain. Rodriguez spasms in discomfort. Jiles is slapping his WW2 helmet to consider his mind off the pain in his leg. Savage wastes no time and immediately comes after up by bouncing off the ropes and SMOK Vaporesso Innokin Aspire striking simple leg drop right over the neck of O’Dell.

Witness jumps along with Rodriguez and hits a monkey flip sending Rodriguez flying, the small of his back again catching a corner of the of the ladder leg.

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