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Please bear in mind that a religious war is not from the Muslim aspect, as a holy battle and a religious struggle are unknown phrases in the Islamic teachings, we only are allowed to battle again the attackers and invaders, in order to guard ourselves, and we’re not allowed to transgress. The Youngster invited those presidents in order that they’ll see by their very own eyes how their policies triggered the Muslim nations to undergo devastation and destruction.

The ad, which introduced tears to many, shows an Arab child inviting some Presidents for Iftar, among which Trump and Putin. For me, though it touched my coronary heart, I discovered it hard to anticipate from presidents like Trump to understand and to have empathy! God commands are clear in all revelations, however some humans prefer to disobey Him and choose to abuse religion to fulfill their selfishness and greed, just like the Israelis and ISIS, (please bear in mind that I have my doubts concerning the identification of ISIS).

The one rationalization I found logical is that those presidents portrayed within the ad are meant to be just symbols and icons of millions of their nations. Secondly, it is very laborious to consider that the Simply and the Merciful God, who created all humans, would ask few of them to slaughter nations and occupy their land because He gave them a promise! Are they these who’re slaughtering worshipers, and children in different parts of the Center East and robbing lands on a pretext of a hoax, or these who are defending their individuals from a brutal occupier?

Many markets across the globe start to ease residing restrictions, ( and lots of shoppers are returning to a world that is far completely different from the one they left in the beginning of the year. Flow’s platform enabled the brand to conduct A/B testing in international markets to find out its free delivery buy threshold. 5. To ease international sale : Marketplaces allow you to navigate worldwide markets and helps you to grow your cross-border gross sales.

Possibly this will drive them to stop their governments from abusing their powers, let them acknowledge the true terrorists, and understand and discover out who’s ruling their nation and who is behind the tweaking of info, the destructions and slaughtering of the innocents in different components of the world. To be truthful we should ask ourselves: who are the terrorists? So far as I do know, the Republicans are dominated by Christians, and they’re backing the Zionists, whose urge to occupy the Arab lands is strictly religious.

Does this verify that the war on terror that’s taking place in opposition to Muslims within the Center East is a religious war? In any case, Bush has declared that the conflict on terror is a crusade struggle!

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