Preserving Asian Dance Through UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Program

How do you protect the intangible heritage of individuals around the globe including their languages, cultures and dances? If the country is poor, this is not their high priority. What can UNESCO do to assist countries keep and preserve their local cultural traditions? In 2001, UNESCO initiated a program to establish and lolita dress preserve various cultural and Taobao Search conventional practices that are intangible. Subsequently at the 2003 UNESCO General Conference, all member countries voted for this multilateral treaty aside from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, taobao and the United States who abstained.

In this treaty, it was agreed that UNESCO to take steps to protect cultural traditions and taobao cosplay preserve it for the future generations. Dances, traditional arts, rituals, songs, festivals, languages and other forms of creative and lolita dress artistic expressions shall be part of this agenda. Hence, the start of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Program. Most of the Asian dances are in danger of changing into extinct. The native communities have difficulty in holding them alive and to make matter worse, these classical and folk dances at the moment are of much less interest to the younger generations.

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