What can one do on the website Rap Basement? — Answers.com

At the website Rap Basment one can listen to Rap songs, view videos of popular and still unknown Rap artists, discuss with others using the forums and read the latest Rap news.

Where can a person watch a rap video?

Rap videos are available for free and in great quantity and variety on the YouTube website. They can also be found on sites specializing in rap and hip hop music and videos including HipHop DX and Rap Basement.

What is a rap basement?

The Basement is a home studio where most rappers start out before they get a major deal.

Where can one find more information about Straight Outta Compton?

«Straight Outta Compton» is the lead single from N.W.A’s debut album of the same name. It was released in 1988. One can find more information on N.W.A’s fansite, 우리카지노 NWA World, as well as many rap websites such as Rap Basement and Rap World. One can read the lyrics on any lyrics website such as AZ Lyrics or Metro Lyrics.

What are the release dates for Rap City — 1989 Tigger in the Basement 3-6?

Rap City — 1989 Tigger in the Basement 3-6 was released on: USA: June 2000

How do you publish a rap song?

you have to go to a website to publish a rap song. i write rap songs and i have fun i just have to publish one and I’m rich.

Where can one download rap francais music?

French rap music or rap Francais can be downloaded on many websites. Mobi and Lastfm have many which one can choose from. Some can be found on isoHunt website as well.

Where can one find online uncut rap music videos?

One can find online uncut rap music videos on the website ‘rap-uncut-videos’. One can also watch them on ‘Hip Hop Lead’, ‘YouTube’, ‘Dailymotion’ and ‘Oh Boom’.

Where can one listen to hip hop and 샌즈카지노 rap music?

One can listen to hip hop and rap music on the ‘Live 365’ website. It is available at all times of the day. One can also listen on ‘Last.fm’ or watch and listen to videos on YouTube.

Where can one find videos of Lil Wayne Freestyle Rap City?

Lil Wayne is a hip-hop artist from America. Videos of Lil Wayne performing Freestyle Rap City can be found on the YouTube website, and also on Jukebox.

A Website called something like The Link Basement has software?

It was a website based upon discussion of programs and files. It had died out.

Do you need training to become a rap artist?

Take lessons on what you don’t know about rap. Or you can look it up on a website besides this. Listen to Ludacris or something.

What is the different between basement and semi basement?

One or more floor of a building that are completely below the ground floor is basement. A floor of a building that is half below ground, rather than entirely such as a basement is semi basement.

Where can you buy pdp wii headbanger headset in the UK?

Only at the website game basement

Where could one find a database of different rap lyrics?

There are many sites on the internet that offer lyrics for rap. Rap Genius is by far the most popular site to get rap lyrics. Another one being AZlyrics that has all rap songs from A to Z.

How can one avoid water in the basement?

One of the best ways to avoid water in the basement is to avoid water outside of your house as it may sink in through cracks and holes in the wall and into your basement.

How did every one find out about rap?

there was a rap song released and it was the first he news so that’s how everyone found out about rap

Where can one find the lyrics of the song ‘Cadillac on 22’s’ by David Banner?

One could use Rap Genius to find the lyrics of the song ‘Cadillac on 22’s’ by David Banner. Rap Genius is a very interactive website with a wide variety of lyrics for different songs.

Is kesha sebert Jewish?

No, she is not. She confirmed on her website that she is not Jewish but only made a jew rap.

Why does your basement have an odor like epoxy glue?

What are you doing in my basement? Are you the one who I suspect of having an affair with my wife? The one for whom my wife (who I caught) was washing/drying and rerolling used condoms found in my basement?

How do you rap perfect?

Well if you wanna rap perfect you gotta practice at it first try rapping the lyrics to your favorite rap song from a lyric website keep doing that and you should get good I’m not gonna lie it might get hard for ya.

Is Imhotep a rap singer or a rap group?

Imhotep is not a rap singer or a rap group. Imhotep is a scientist and claims to be a multi-genius. Which means he is a genius in more that one field of study.

Why do old people hate rap?

Most old people don’t HATE rap but, here’s one answer some hate rap because, rap back in the old days it was clean rap and raping about education or something good .

What are some good rap names?

well there is a website its called website type in your name and initial and it comes up with some pretty good rap names that are similar to your name!!!!!!

Where can one purchase a waterproof basement?

You can learn to waterproof your basement on your own by going online to WikiHow. They will teach you how to in 8 steps. This Old House has a video on how to waterproof your basement. Do It Yourself online has instructions and tips on how to accomplish the waterproofing of your basement.

A description of rap music and one example of a rap artist?

put it this way, 더나인카지노 listen to Eminem

Can you use 3 pipe from the basement up?

On one job I had to run 64 lines up from the basement area

What is a mixtape in rap?

A mixtape is a music recording by a rapper/rap musician that is usually leaked toward the internet or located on the rapper’s website. Mixtapes rarely have songs that make it to radio. A lot of rap musicians have gained mainstream success through mixtapes, such as the rapper Drake.

Where can one find information on rap contests?

Rap contests generally take place in metropolitan areas or cities. Look at local postings for information regarding rap contests if you live in one of these types of areas.

Is it legal for anybody to own a basement bar?

A basement is part of a home. It is legal for someone to build and own a basement bar. If one is renting a house, then a check with the landlord would be in order.

Is it safe to hide in a concrete basement during a tornado?

Yes. A concrete basement is one of the safest places to be during a tornado.

Who sings the rap that Cat and Trina sing on Victorious?

no one. its just a rap the proudcers made up

How do you get to the basement of the deku tree?

get out a deku stick and burn any web on the walls and also on the floor, the one on the floor is the one that leads you to the basement of the «GREAT» Deku tree.

What are the words to the Cockroach rap?

Some of the words of Cockroach rap is that I was in heaven , I was in hell , believe in neither but fear them as well. There is one doctor , there is one lawyer.

Where can one find music videos by Webbie?

Webbie is an American rap artist. Videos by Webbie can be viewed on the MTV website in full-screen and high definition. They are also available from YouTube and from AZVideos.

According to the weather experts what should you do if a tornado comes?

you can hide in the basement because the tornado doesn’t get to the basement if you don’t have one find the nearest safest place. Go to a basement or cellar. If you do not have one, go to an interior room or hallway. Stay away from windows.

How can you use basement in a sentence?

The basement is full of boxes. Go down to the basement. Watch the TV in the basement. My bedroom is in the basement.

What are some similarities and differences between rap and poetry?

Rap is a form of poetry. Usually a very poor one.

What is a rap lounge?

It is a place or website that includes the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

What is a California basement?

a California basement is a large basement

What is another way to spell basement?

There is only one correct spelling for «basement» (cellar). A similar word is abasement (reducing in value or honor).

How old was Eminem when sated to rap?

he was in his teens. no der he ikes 2 rap he is a rapper ain’t he and, an awesome one 2!!!

What is poetical rap?

One of the eternal debates of the popular arts is whether rap music is a form of poetry. I know this from class.

How do you spell basement in German?

basement = Keller basement = Untergeschoss

The one with the guys in the car came out before the one with the guys in the basement with the girlfriend for freecreditreportcom commercial right and both those before the seafood restaurant?

the seafood one was the first. then the car one. then the bike one. then the basement one. then the party one which just came out

What are the ratings and certificates for Rap War One — 2004 V?

Rap War One — 2004 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:15 USA:R

What should one do when there is a tornado?

When there’s a tornado coming, you should go in your basement and hide because since basements are underground, a tornado won’t be able to hit your basement. If you don’t have a basement, you should go to a room with no windows.

What would cause your basement floor to leak water about an hour after you run the washing machine one room away from the leak?

If you have a basement floor drain, chances are that you have a clog downstream somewhere, and it’s backing up into your basement.

Where did gangster rap start at?

The start of gangsta rap is often attributed to Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s release of the song «The Message». This song was one of the first songs to rap about life on the streets.

How do people cope with tornadoes?

probably by going in your basement if your outside. get to a ditch. if you cant find one good luck.if your house doesnt have a basement get into your bathtub.

Where do you get a pet centipede?

look for one outside or in your basement and there you go


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