What NOT to give for Mother’s Day

Worst Mother’s Day Gifts Ever:

Forgetting Mother’s Day — this is a no-brainer

Kitchen appliances

Garden tools

Cleaning supplies

Dead and poorly arranged flowers

So, 샌즈카지노 what do moms care most about? Moms want loved ones to remember their special day. Most moms love jewelry, flowers, 007카지노 and a day off from chores. What she wants most is your time….our most valuable asset.

Here are some of the gifts that topped the list. The best gifts are:


homemade cards (It doesn’t have to be expensive. Your thoughts are worth far more.)

homemade gifts

A day at the spa…. This is especially fun to do with a friend

help with chores

beauty products…. Consider putting together a beauty basket filled with massage oils, 카지노사이트 lotions, 퍼스트카지노 and all of her other favorite beauty products.

Surprise the superwoman of the household with something special.

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